our story

Ben and Jake, sons of Bobby and Sheila Fetzer, grew up on the Home Ranch, a property developed by grandparents Barney and Kathleen Fetzer with the help of their 11 children.  Riding on dirt roads in pick-up trucks.  Driving the tractor in dad’s lap.  Eating grandmother’s cookies in her big kitchen.  Making mischief.  Playing musical instruments for fun.  Hanging out at the winery’s crush pad to watch the grape trucks unload.  “We learned that with hard, honest work and diligence, you can achieve your dreams,” says Jake. 

One of their father’s favorite sayings was “If you live on a ranch, you work on a ranch.”  The boys remember working in the vineyards when they were in the 5th grade.  They pulled leaves on four acres of chardonnay and two acres of cabernet sauvignon near their grandmother’s house.  By the 8th grade, they were making wine:  a blend of cabernet sauvignon and sangiovese.   

Spending their childhoods on Home Ranch, Jake and  Ben developed a deep respect for the land and the life it supports.  Their 1500 acre Masút Ranch borders the Home Ranch.  They are familiar with the seasons and the wildlife.  Ben remarks that “There is so much native land around the vineyard; this whole ranch is a wildlife corridor for deer, turkeys, wild pigs, bear and birds.”
As Third Generation grape growers and winemakers, their goals are to continue what their grandfather started, to follow their father’s vision of pioneering a new region for exceptional Pinot Noir and to continue learning about the Masút vineyard site.  Jake and Ben agree “We have learned that our work is never finished.”
Today Jake Fetzer and his wife, Gina Caito, live on the Home Ranch.  Ben Fetzer lives on the family’s ranch in Covelo where cattle graze and wheat grows.